Certifying your commitment

to the planet

Ecolabel certification is a powerful tool that demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, while also guiding consumers to make more informed and eco-friendly choices

Our mission is to empower businesses to make a positive impact on the planet by helping them certifying their products or services, as well as providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve sustainability success.

About us

At Ecolabel Consulting, we empower businesses to achieve sustainability success through recognized environmental certifications. With our expertise in ecolabelling and environmental standards, we provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the certification process.

Our mission is to position businesses as leaders in sustainability by obtaining esteemed certifications such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.
We offer tailored solutions, from data collection, ingredient assessment, to compliance evaluation, quality assuarance, technical calculations and support on inspection visits.

With are experts within the field and provide industry insights and consultancy services across various product categories. Our goal is to simplify sustainability for businesses of all sizes, helping them make a positive impact through eco-friendly practices.

We are

Dedicated Specialists

Streamlining Sustainability Certifications for Your Business

  • Guiding businesses through the certification process for Nordic Swan Ecolabel, EU Ecolabel and Asthma Allergy Nordic as well as other sustainability certifications
  • Providing expert guidance and support tailored to the specific needs of each business
  • Empowering businesses to make a positive impact on the environment through sustainability certification
  • Saving businesses valuable time and effort in the certification process

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