Build your green claims on the ecolabels


The newly adopted EU Green Claims Directive will indefinetly challenge the way companies can communicate their green claims. Luckily, the official ecolabels EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel can simplify the process.

Proving Green Claims

The EU Green Claims directive is a new regulation aimed at ensuring that environmental claims made by companies are accurate, verifiable, and free from greenwashing. While this initiative promotes transparency and honesty, it can also impose significant challenges on businesses.

With the new EU Green Claims directive, companies face increased scrutiny over their environmental claims. This directive, aimed at preventing greenwashing, requires businesses to provide solid proof for any green initiatives they promote. While this ensures transparency and honesty, it can also place a significant burden on companies, especially those without the resources or expertise to thoroughly document their sustainability efforts.

Ecolabels as foundation for green claims

Ecolabels like the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel offer a streamlined solution. These respected certifications not only validate your green initiatives but also simplify the communication process. Here’s how:

Verified credibility

Ecolabels provide independent, third-party verification of your environmental claims. This means that when you display these labels, consumers and regulators alike can trust that your products meet stringent environmental standards.

Market advantage

Products with recognized ecolabels stand out in the marketplace. These labels signal to environmentally conscious consumers that your brand is committed to genuine sustainability, giving you a competitive edge.

Simplified Documentation

Achieving an ecolabel certification involves a comprehensive review of your products and practices. This process generates all the necessary documentation to support your green claims, saving you the hassle of doing it all in-house.

Regulatory Compliance

Ecolabels help ensure that your products are in full compliance with the latest EU regulations. This minimizes the risk of penalties and enhances your brand’s reputation for integrity and responsibility.


Understanding LCA Requirements

The EU Green Claims directive requires businesses to support their environmental claims with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This comprehensive analysis evaluates the environmental impacts of a product from raw material extraction through to disposal. While LCAs are crucial for demonstrating genuine sustainability, they can be complex and resource-intensive to conduct.

How Ecolabels Simplify Compliance

Streamlined Verification Process

Ecolabel certifications, like the Nordic Swan and EU Ecolabel, incorporate LCA principles in their criteria, ensuring that products meet rigorous environmental standards. By obtaining these certifications, businesses can bypass the need to conduct separate LCAs, as the certification process itself serves as comprehensive environmental documentation.

Reduced Burden on Businesses

Ecolabels simplify the documentation and verification process, providing an easier and more efficient path to compliance with the EU Green Claims directive. This allows businesses to focus on their core operations while ensuring their environmental claims are credible and verifiable.

By opting for ecolabel certifications, companies can navigate the complexities of the EU Green Claims directive more easily. Not only do these certifications provide a shortcut to credible green communication, but they also offer a robust framework for documenting and showcasing your commitment to sustainability. Embrace the power of ecolabels and turn regulatory challenges into opportunities for growth and trust-building with your audience.

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